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Summer – the most expected time of the year, it is the time to leave school to rest and have fun with family. Parents must be wondering how to make their children learning and playing at the same time and also having memorable summer? In Japan, we recognize that Kids will learn a lot of things by playing more than just learn via books. It is the reason we open new Kid’s class in this summer for all Kids from 5 to 15 years old. List of the recipe has up to 12 desserts and savory like Obento, pizza or sweets of colorful as a cupcake, cookies... “Baker Junior” will be open through May, June, and July Join in the class, Kid will feel the freedom to cooking, decoration, with the new friends kneading the dough, breaking eggs and bringing their wonderful achievements home to enjoy with family. 

Save more on Voucher. With 9 & 12 Vouchers, kids will receive at the end of the course a "Baker Junior" certificate. In May, discount 5% for a voucher.

Voucher 12: 3,200,000vnd save 400,000vnd
Voucher 9: 2,500,000vnd save 200,000vnd
Voucher 6: 1,750,000vnd save 50,000vnd

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1 # CUPCAKE - 300,000Đ

Kids will learn to make sponge cake baked in a lovely paper cup. Getting fresh ice cream is always the fun part of the class, kids will decorate cream on the cake, add a little candy, colorful shimmer.


Kid will beat eggs, stuffed .... Choose from a variety of shapes to create a cookie: a bear, a star, a plane, a pine tree. Waiting for yellow cake in the oven. Decorate the cute shapes with cream and sugar.

3 # DOUGHNUT - 300,000Đ

Donut is a kind of round-shaped pastry. You will collapse before the lovely bread with a delicious chocolate chip made by your kids.


Chocolate baked chocolate cake, under the small hands of our kid, will become fun toys to make parents surprise! A chocolate fan would not be able to deny this exciting class

5# DORAYAKI – 300,000Đ

Doraemon’s quiche, be sure that there’s nothing strange to our little friends right? In here, kids will mix the flour and fry cake themselves. It challenges chef kids to be skillful to make a round-as-comic cake. The finished product will be a Dorayaki with delicious red-bean inside.


A chance to show their talent with Japan’s popular dessert – Chocolate Mochi. Kids will learn how to make mochi crust by shiratama powder and chocolate cream inside (chocolate ganache). The most difficult and interesting part is molding round mochi, let’s see who will be more skillful! Finally, sprinkle cocoa powder on the mochi.

7# FRUIT PUDDING – 300,000Đ

It’s summertime, so what’s better to enjoy greasy, smooth and cool pudding. Besides that, kids will decor pudding with fresh fruit. How interesting will be?

8# BENTO - 300,000Đ

Kids will learn how to clean and pre-process materials, make Japan style onigiri, shape panda, octopus, finish décor Obento with good looking and delicious. Mom may not worry about kid’s lunch box every day!

9 # PIZZA - 300,000Đ

In the pizza class kid will be used all the force to knead the flour for the cake crust, it needs skill in the process of rolling powder to shape around and thin dough, aesthetic enough in decorating the cake. The finished product of the class is a 2 in 1 pizza. One side is a sour ketchup, sausage and cheese. Another side is black sauce, cabbage, smoked pork with a little seaweed…

10 # SUSHI - 300,000Đ


Is a small sushi, shaped like a temari ball. They will learn how to make sushi rolls with eggs, raw fish, shrimp and octopus

11# TAKOYAKI – 300,000Đ

A street-food charming so many children in Japan and Vietnam also, now already available at Star Kitchen. After class, kids will know clearly the recipe of making round and fragrant Takoyaki with octopus inside.

12# SPAGHETTI - 300,000Đ

Spaghetti – kids’ one of the most favorite breakfast. Soft and tough pasta, delicious ketchup with chopped beef. After class, kids can make simple and nutritious Spaghetti for family!

REGISTER VIA 0164 968 1044

Star Kitchen’s class information

  • Class for kids from 5-15 year-olds. Especially, cooking class (pizza, bento, spaghetti, sushi..) is for kids from 8 years old.
  • Each class has a maximum of 10 kids.
  • Tuition fee 300,000vnd / class - tuition included materials.
  • Baby brought his product home Location: 2nd Floor, 8/15 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe, District 1.
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