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Summer is coming, brings the excitement and happiness for our kids. If you haven’t has any plan for kids this summer, let’s take a look at our Junior Chef 2019.

Overview, Junior Chef is the cooking class for kids from 7 -13 years old. One class will has maximum 10 kids, their parent will leave them activate with other kids naturally and do everything they like freely. Our cooking teacher has over 6 years in teaching, they will follow each kid and guide them practice each step of cooking lesson. Additionally, Star Kitchen has many diffrent cake classes so kids can choose some classes, cook and bake it themselves, then enjoy it with other friends and bring it home.

Junior Chef 2019 not only bring interesting experiences such as discovering name of ingredients, baking, cooking, decorating cakes, it also brings a comfortable space where kids can play with their new friends freely under the guideline of teacher.

Last summer, Junior Chef received a lots of complimets from many parents. They continued to register all of classes for their kids and promised they will come back this year. With those kids who haven’t attend any Junior Chef class, let’s have a look and try some of our classes this May with very special deal below.



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An extremely lovely cookie with a clear mirror of candies filled with colorful candy lollipops inside. Outside the candy is butter, fragrant and crispy cookies with lovely shapes like a star, house, car. Kids can hold the cake to shake and watch the movement of candy inside very eye-catching.
Kid will learn:
- How to mix flour, roll dough and shape cake
- How to apply candies to cakes and put sugar candy inside
- How to bake cake and decorate it


Similar to the Chocopie - familiar to children. Whoopie pie has crunchy chocolate cake, sweet and bitter cocoa flavor. In the middle layer, it is clamped with a tough, moist milk Marsmallow. Kids can use instant cake or dab it with milk.
Kid will learn:
- How to make each delicious chocolate cake
- How to mix marshmallow with whipping cream
- How to bake cake and dab it with marshmallow


A very familiar cake with kid now can bake at home after going to class !!! Donut  has a long, soft, fragrant bread crust. After baking, kids will dip each cake into milk chocolate and dark chocolate sauce. It sounds interesting, right?
Kids will learn:
- How to mix flour and knead dough
- How to create shapes for cakes and baking
- How to make chocolate sauce, dipping cakes and decorating cakes


Muffin is a kind of sponge cake baked in lovely small paper molds. Bacon cheddar muffin is a muffin combined with bacon, onions and cheddar cheese, making a smooth cake, slightly salty from bacon, fatty from cheese and a little sweetness from thinly cut onions. This cake is suitable for breakfast or a snack.
Kids will learn:
- How to prepare materials
- How to mix flour and ingredients together
- How to pour the dough into the mold and bake the cake 


Bento is a rice ball that is usually prepared for children in Japan. This dish is quite simple and easy to do but it brings enough nutrients. When cooking together, kids will have fun with other friends, giving them a comfortable playing space.
Kids will learn:
- How to prepare raw materials
- Fry egg rolls, sausage, boiled vegetables
- How to hold rice and shape, decorate rice balls


Okonomiyaki is a quite popular dish at Japanese buffet stores that kids often visit in SG. Kids really like it because of the crunchy crust, easy-to-eat fragrant and combined with bacon, fresh shrimp and chopped onions. Okonomiyaki is covered with Okonomiyaki sauce and Mayonnaise and seaweed powder.
Kids will learn:
-How to recognize and prepare materials
-How to make cake dough, combine with shrimp and onion shrimp
-How to cover the cake with a pan
-Decorate cakes with all kinds of sauce and seaweed powder


A cake that is suitable for breakfast, lunch or picnic. Quiche has a crispy cake base and an aromatic butter. The cake is filled with fat egg cream, fragrant, bacon - salty bacon with cheddar cheese and some onions to create a natural sweet taste for the cake - to bake until it turns ripe. What an easy-to-addictive cake?
Kids will learn:
-How to prepare raw materials
-How to make and bake the crispy cake crust with butter
-How to make egg cream with bacon and cheese


Nutella is chocolate and peanut butter, extremely sweet and fragrant, which is loved by kids. Nutella banana pie is a combination of nutella and fresh bananas inside the crispy. The cake is decorated with white chocolate and black chocolate.
Baby will learn:
-How to prepare raw materials
-How to mix flour and combine with ingredients
-How to make cakes for cakes and baking
-Decorate cake with white chocolate and black chocolate.


A favorite cake of kids, not only because of the crispness and butter smell of the cake, but also because of its beautiful decoration of icing sugar. Kids freely create shapes for cakes from available molds such as star, doll, car, pine tree, ... and hand-painted colorful lines for cakes.
Kid will learn:
-How to mix dough and shape cookies
-Baking cake
-Icing decoration, drawing on cakes, delight in creativity.


A very lovely cake in a cupcake mold, decorate with milk cream in eye-catching patterns like roses, scallops, leaves
Kids will learn:
-How to mix dough and pour flour into the mold
-How to whisk whipping cream in many colors
-How to decorate cream on the cake


A cake for kids who like to eat chocolate. Brownie is a moist and soft chocolate cake. Bitter and sweet biscuits and slightly sweet from chocolate. The cake is decorated with white chocolate 
Kids will learn:
- Chocolate melting
- Mix the dough with chocolate 
- Baking
-How to decorate the cake with white chocolate


Pizza is an extremely popular dish and loved by kids. Your child will learn how to make both cake base and Japanese teriyaki chicken. In addition, kids will play with other new friends, giving them a playful and comfortable space.
Kids will learn:
-How to identify materials
-How to make and bake the cake base
-How to make different kinds of cakes
-How to decorate beautiful cakes


Sushi is a popular rice roll in Japan. Not too fussy and time consuming, sushi still brings a nice shape and nutritious meal. Cooked from Japanese rice, rice is curled up with seaweed leaves and various kinds of kernels like: crab sticks, sausages, vegetables, cucumbers and eggs.
Kids will learn how to roll rice with different types of ingredients and how to cut the rolled rice into beautiful and medium-sized slices.


  • For kids from 7 - 13 years old
  • Maximum 10 kids in 1 class
  • Class fee is include cooking tools and ingredients - you don't have to pay any additional fee.
  • Kids brings their food home.
  • Place: 2nd floor, 8/15 Le Thanh Ton street, Ben Nghe ward, district 1.
  • For register and customer services: hotline 034 968 1044 / inbox Facebook Star Kitchen
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