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If the antioxidants in dried green tea is 30%, this rate in Matcha is reaches
up to 70%. That's why only a little amount of matcha can work more effectively
than other products. Matcha is most used for dessert type because of its bitter
taste will be abated by the sweet of fresh cream so even the most fastidious

can not refuse.

 Let's celebrate May - the month of first Matcha's harvest in Japan
 - Star Kitchen give many special preferential for almost matcha
classes in this moth: 

* Special price 299,000VND/class (Old price 350,000đ ~ 500,000đ)
* Combo any 3 classes only  799,000VND

     # STAR ROLL CAKE - 299,000VND

    Not only include the cream filler smooth as velvet with the smell of mashed
    red beans, but also have the bitter taste of matcha sponge rolled cover. This
    cake is one kind of cake that very favored by many Japanese people
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    • Booking: 08-38238639 / 01649681044 

      # STAR TIRAMISU - 299,000VND

          Instead of using espresso coffee to make the bitter taste, Star Kitchen
          use first-class macha for not only to keep the soul of Tiramisu but also to show
          the identity of Japanese cuisine.

             # NAMA CHOCOLATE - 299,000VND

            Nama Chocolate also mean fresh chocolate as it not use preservative.
            Smooth texture melted once in your mouth. With only one taste you will feel
            completely the fresh and pure texture.
            You will learn 2 taste: White Chocolate with green tea and Dark chocolate
            with raspberry
            • Schedule  
            • Đặt lớp: 08-38238639 / 01649681044 

               # MATCHA FRUIT CHEESE CAKE - 299,000VND

              Not tough and dry as cookies sole, This gateau-support smooth and lightly
              lift the whole greasy Macha cream cheese above. It's also balances the sour of
              peach and strawberry hide inside the transparent Jelly layer

                # MATCHA PANNA COTTA - 299,000VND

                Panna cotta, come from north Italy with the meaning ice-cream, is a sweet
                Italian made cream, milk and sugar with jelly and wait for the mixture to
                coagulate, when mixed with matcha it will bring the balance taste. Panna
                Cotta is a perfect dessert for a hot summer.
                You will also learn how to make Angel Cream Cheese in a lovely appearance
                as a dumpling, serve with tasty fruit sauce.
                • Schedule
                • Booking: 08-38238639 / 01649681044 

                  > Do not forget Combo any 3 classes

                  only 799,000VND 

                  (Old price 1,050,000VND - 1,350,000VND)

                  Beside, Star Kitchen also have other classes like Mochi Cream, Choux Cream,
                  Classic Teriyaki Hamburger, Deluxe Teriyaki Pizza, Roll Sushi... are waiting
                  for you.
                  • Schedule
                  • Booking: 08-38238639 / 01649681044 

                    At Star Kitchen:

                    • You get careful instruction from teacher (max 8 ppl/class)
                    • You practice by your own in group (2ppl/group)
                    • You bring your cakes home after class
                    • You are served cakes and tea during break time
                        Star Kitchen - Cooking Studio
                        2nd floor, 8/15 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe, Dist.1
                        08-38238639 / 0164 968 1044
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