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You totally can celebrate Hanami Festival - the most traditional sakura blossom
in Japan -  right here in Vietnam, at Star Kitchen's "Sakura classes" with an
extremely amazing promotion only in this April.

     # Sakura Roll Cake - 299,000VND

    We use fresh real sakura leaf to mix with rich custard cream for filling inside,
    then rolled by silky & moist sponge for an exclusive taste. In this class, you
    will learn the technique of wrapping and rolling without breaking the sponge


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    • Class booking: call 08-38238639 or 01649681044 


    # Sakura Icing Cookies - 299,000VND

    Butter crispy cookies in shape of Sakura flower drawn by "icing sugar" technique.
    You are going to learn how to mix sugar and egg white to create the mixture called
    "icing sugar" for decoration.


    # Sakura Cheese Cake - 399,000VND 

    Our signature and "best-seller" class all the time. This is a kind of non-baked
    cheese cake with 3 layers: buttery cookies at the bottom, gentle sour taste of
    smooth cheese crèam middled, finally topped with real sakura flower which is

    # Combo 3 classes - 899,000VND  

     (save 300,000VND)

    Especially when booking 3 classes: Sakura Cheese, Sakura Roll, Sakura
    Cookies you can save up to 300,000VND. Only in this April. 


     # Red Velvet - 299,000VND 

    The soft smooth cotton sponge and salted butter cream is the highlightof this
    cake. You can start exploring now.


    # Madeleine - 299,000VND 

    Madeleine is a Buttery French sponge cakes traditionally baked in scallop
    - shaped mould. They’re made with sugar, flour, melted butter and eggs which
    result in browned and crispy on the outside and spongy and soft inside.


    # Egg Tart - 299,000VND 

    Egg tart have a crumbly exterior, fluffy inner texture, and cheesy warm soft
    filling – making them an instant hit. The tart pastry is twice-baked, once just
    as cookies, then all over again with the cheese mousse on top to create a
    twice-baked pastry.


       # Choux Cream - 399,000VND

    The key feature of Star Kitchen's choux cream is that it adds cookie dough
    on the surface. You will definitely enjoy the taste difference between inside of
    the choux with melted custard cream and matcha cream, and the crispy choux


    At Star Kitchen:

    • You get careful instruction from teacher (max 8 ppl/class)
    • You practice by your own in group (2ppl/group)
    • You bring your cakes home after class
    • You are served cakes and tea during break time
    Star Kitchen - Cooking Studio
    Floor 2, 8/15 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe, Dist.1
    08-38238639 or 0164 968 1044