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Combo Party 3


Star Kitchen offer a special combo party which included many kind of our best seller cake with good price for your party with 15 or 20 people. Let's check and contact us as the soonest via phone number 0168 457 5546

You can enjoy FIVE kinds of CAKES:

  1. Main cake set (2 cakes): You can choose 2 main cakes of below cake: Sakura Cheese Cake 18 cm /Kyoto Matcha 16cm /Strawberry Birthday Cake 18cm /Chocolate Birthday Cake 18cm /Fraisier Birthday Cake 15cm
  2. Sub cake set (1 cake): You can choose one of below cake: Sakura Chiffon/ Matcha Chiffon
  3. Mini cake set ( minimum 2 cake sets): You can choose at least 2 cake sets of below cake:
  4. Mini Star Verrine/ Fraisier/ Star Tiramisu
  5. Mini Choux crème custard/ mini Choux crème matcha.
  6. Mini Star Roll cake/ Mini Sakura Roll cake

Total price of Combo party 1 is only 1.499.000,00 VND

Star Kitchen also provides Matcha Latte with this combo party. If you want to add Matcha Latte, you have 2 options as below:

  1. Add 20 mini matcha latte without whipping cream. Total price is 2.040.000,00 VND
  2. Add 20 mini matcha latte with whipping cream. Total price is: 2.125.000,00 VND

Please call to have more information about our combo party policy:  0168 457 5546



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