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Made from assemblage of small pieces of different colored boxes, Mosaic Gift Box is not only unique by its nice pattern but confectionery is delicate with variety of baked cakes inside. In this gift box, you can enjoy the combination of Japanese sweet from Cookies (matcha, black sesame, houji, tofu), Kinako Snowball and Western style from Almond Chocolate, Pound Cake, Baci di Dama… A gorgeous gift suits everyone !

1.Cookies (Matcha, Tofu, Black Sesame, Houji-cha)

2. Financier (Butter/ Chocolate/ Strawberry)

3. Kinako Snowball

4. Almond Chocolate

5. Meringue Coco

6. Baci di Dama

7. Pound Cake

8. Florentines

9. Almond Chocolate Roche (Coffee/Sakura)

  • Call for order:  01649681044 or 01684575546