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Special gift set C


Addition to products i Gift set A and Gift set B, we added 3 other flavors of cookies, more bar cakes, chocolates, and delicious flavor tea which we serve at our café. And decorated with gold and red and make it gorgeous. Decorated with  gold and red and chic black and made this set most gorgeous among STAR KITCHEN's gift.

Below is menu for Prosperity set:

60 cookies: 10 pieces for each flavour (Sakura, Matcha, Houji-tea, Tofu, Sesame, Kinako snow ball

18 mini bar cakes: 3 pieces for each flavour (Matcha, Sakura) and 4 pieces for each flavour (Gateau chocolate, Raisin, Walnut chocolate)

36 pieces of bon bon chocolate: 18 pieces for each flavour (Rum Dark nama chocolate & Sakura nama chocolate)

1 Set tea: One of tea (Sakura tea & Yuzu green tea, Mango green tea, Vanilla tea) Star Kitchen selects for you.

Selling price: 999.000 VND

*For Tuesday order, please set delivery time after 12.00pm or call direct to our phone incase of urgent: 0168 457 5546